Who I am
I'm a just a private person (not a big company) . I have become very passionate about experimenting with DX (radio contacts over long distances) especially the UHF band.
Recently I have discovered the free-band PMR (446 mhz) , but became saddened by, the law restrictions and the implicit characteristic of the ultrashort transmit & receive distances on these frequencies. Transmit and receive in local areas is widely effected by the OPTICAL CAPACITY EFFECT. This effect generally indicates that contact between one radio and another is only feasible if the two radios are "in line of sight". Also there must NOT be any obstacles between the two operators ,for good signal tx rx to be achieved .
Being a private supplier, and having lots of experience as a hobbyist I have discovered this simple and economic radio extender system that is used and recognized in various European countries.Also NOT being a professional merchant (or big company), I can offer as many as possible of this great product at a very affordable cost.
This system is completely compliant with the "two-ways-radio" concept :AND IS EASY & CHEAP.

Two correspondents, low in theirs condos, are not "in optical line" between they, but they become "in-sight" through a repeater

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