Usefur for...

For anybody who lives in urban area or town and can place the ATX-2000 over a balcony or roof, the higther the better....any lucky friend living in top-flat is fine
In such way the limit of 500-600 meters of range will be nomore a problem...and to cover blocks and village will become true.
For anyody who can place ATX-2000 over an hill , in a campaign house, in a bell tower or house to the sea.
 For anybody who loves mouts, placing ATX-2000 in a dominant position, like over a valley or the ski-runs
For all the hikers who want to keep themselves in contact during one gone up or one walk of trekking: he will be sufficient to arrange the small repeater in the car parked to the begin of the trial

For all passionate of hang-glider, that they want to be able to count on radio connections also in the case in which flights behind those mountains.....

  For who controls or manages bike competitions, of road or mountain bike, in order to guarantee a sure connection between commissioners, judges, managers ecc

 For the operating yards and of road, in order to outside maintain to the contact between distant emplacements or capacity radio.

For the wills and organizers of contests of Motocross, rally etc
  for the members of the teams of softair, in order to guarantee a complete cover radio also on immense or rich areas of game of obstacles

  for all the judges of contest who need a stable connection in extend or disturbed zones.....

 So, the applications are infinite, also a window of hotel room can accommodate the repeater, and concur with we and ours effectively friends to remain in radio contact during vacation.

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