It works in a very easy way: connected to taken earphone/mike jacks of one whichever rtx radio, it records the received audio communication , and as soon as it ends, it repeats it activating the transmission.
This is called "Store-and-forward" ,and an ATX-2000 plus a radio (pmr, lpd, CB, ecc.) is called "SIMPLEX REPEATER"

Already operating: connected to a PMR Oregon Scientific TP-380; a simplex repeater  to all the effects, perfectly working!. The configuration minibadly, therefore, is like that one in figure, both battery powered, so ideal like portable or temporary use.
ATX-2000 has also income jack for being fed from the outside, so as to to leave ignited permanently it; from 8 to 14 Vdc, for 30 m.A.  maximum!!!! Obviously, also the radio will be connected to an feeding source that of it guarantees the continuous operation. 
Once connected the ATX-2000 to the radio, we will have to ignite it, and only to set up the radio on wished channel and CTCSS. That's all!. 

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