What is ATX-2000
Technically speaking, it is a CONTROLLER FOR A SIMPLEX REPEATER, but the best word to give an idea is : ELECTRONIC PARROT.

The extender system, can improve your communications greatly,even over very bad terrain. Such as mountains,tall buildings ect.
All you need to do is place the extender system higher than the problem obstacle to achieve greater signal strength between the 2 radios.You can place it in a friends high up apartment or maybe in a high office building. In fact this extender system has many possibilities
This system is effectively a communications repeater, costing very much less than a professional ham radio or communal repeater system.The system has a time out function to disconnect the transmission at a given time limit (default is 1 minute)

The device can be powered by battries or dc power supply.

Most radio operators are familiar with the concept of a duplex repeater, where a separate receiver and transmitter operate at the same time, listening on one frequency and retransmitting on another. Duplex repeaters allow natural conversation, but they are typically bulky and expensive because of the elaborate filters required.
A simplex repeater, on the other hand, is a store-and-]forward device. It records incoming transmissions and re-sends them on the same channel. It can provide the same extension of coverage and range as a duplex repeater, with the obvious drawback of requiring twice as much air time to carry out a conversation, as each transmission is repeated back. However, their simplicity and low cost makes them perfect for temporary or emergency use, and to provide coverage in areas where the cost of a duplex repeater can ft be justified.
For many radio clubs and emergency response organizations, a single semiportable duplex repeater is a major investment. Simplex repeaters , on the other hand, are inexpensive enough to be kept as individual equipment for each member, making it more likely that they fll be available for rapid deployment when needed. An emergency repeater station can be set up with nothing more than a handheld radio, a cable, and the repeater unit itself.


ATX-2000 is a really small device whitch record and re-play a voice message; in such a way is like somebody listen to you e repeat what you sed very very loud, to reach far people.So, by placing an ATX-2000 (connected to a radio) in a good site, such as hight building, hill, summit, or any place with a "panoramic view", you will enprove the range of you small radio, even a radio-toy or professional 2-ways radio, no matter if super-brand model or supermarket model...

In fact, also seeming a simple item, ATX-2000 incorporates a complex and sophisticated circuit with a micro-processor , product in smd technology , and that, fundamental judged what, guarantees a highest reliability.

It can work continuously h24 in any condition, as in UK, Finland , Spain and CZeck rep, first users of such kind of "Ham simplex repeaters" , in Italy two years (see T-rex)

ATX-2000 has 2 operating modes : "silent mode" and "monitor mode", this allows owner to ear radio comms by its built-in BF amplifier and speaker; moreover it can be used used during radio trasmissions through a earphone/mike (provided), listening to what it is receiving and to trasmiit, by detaching no wires.

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